Open Letter to BEDISA Group, with regards to Purchase of Tana Beles Project – Located in Amhara Region, Ethiopia

TO: Mr. Binai Boran, Chairperson BEDiSA Group 

Mebusevleri Mahallesi lller Caddesi 

No: 38 Tandogan 06580 

Cankaya, Ankara, Turkey 


 The Amhara Professionals Union (APU) based in Washington DC, United States, has learned from the African Business Communities website that the BEDiSA Group is purchasing 75% of Tana Beles project from the Government of Ethiopia. We are writing this to request that you should not proceed with this planned purchase. First, this project, which is located in the Amhara Region, does not benefit the Amhara people who are the inhabitants of this region and make up 40% of the Ethiopian population. Instead, the profit from foreign business ventures goes directly into the pocket book of the regime. Thus, the Amhara people are resentful and not supportive of these foreign investments. Second, as an executive, you have a fiduciary duty to be a warden of BEDiSA Group shareholders. The current unstable climate in Amhara Region is not conducive for such a large investment. 

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