Open Letter to the International Community


                              Epiphany Massacre of Amharas in Ethiopia

“The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

We only wish these words continued to reverberate through the hearts of good people since they were spoken by Martin Luther King Jr. half a century ago. Unfortunately, the International Community has continued to be oblivious to the plight of the Ethiopian people having miserably failed to denounce the ethnic based dictatorship that has been on the grip of power for the last 27 years. We now once again call upon the International Community to very urgently intervene and influence the latest political developments in the “Amhara Regional State” of Ethiopia, by taking swift measures before our country turns into another African nation subjected to large scale genocide.

There has been insufficient international coverage of the popular unrest throughout Ethiopia over the last two years that has claimed thousands of lives. Tens of thousands have been taken to concentration camps, and conflicts have displaced many more from their homes. Unfortunately, our International Community has remained blindfolded to the horrific humanitarian crisis that continues to occur in Ethiopia. Even worse, many members of our international community have continued to finance the very regime perpetrating such crimes against the Ethiopian people.

The TPLF minority (aka Tigray Peoples Liberation Front), which exactly models the Syrian Alawite system, is now on an open genocidal spree against the Amhara people in many towns of the “Regional State”. On January 20, 2018, many innocent people were barbarically massacred with live bullets fired at a crowd of worshippers in the City of Woldiya. Their crime? Chanting anti-government songs while observing the holiday of Epiphany! Yet, as of January 25th, another massacre of greater magnitude is unfolding against the peoples of Kobbo and Mersa towns of the “Amhara Regional State”. It is reported by the Voice of America (VoA) that many civilians have already been massacred. Despite having claimed many lives, the regime continues to move more soldiers into the area which means yet greater destruction is about to unfold against the defenseless people of Woldiya, Kobbo, Mersa and other nearby towns.

We believe the good people of the International Community have been fooled by the notion that the current ethnic based government of Ethiopia is stabilizing this nation. Quite the contrary. If these daily ethnic based murders are allowed to continue, Ethiopia will become the next African tragedy. We URGE the good people of our international community to avoid the ultimate tragedy of silence over cruelty of the worst ethnic apartheid in Ethiopia. We specifically urge the United States of America, Canada, European Union and other major financers of the minority government in Ethiopia, to take action and help stop the heinous crimes of the regime before Ethiopia potentially becomes a historic African tragedy.


Ethio-Amhara Community in Atlanta

Amhara Association in Seattle

Amhara Association of America.

Dallas Amhara Peoples Civic Organization

San Diego Amhara Organization

Dc Md Va Amahara Community

Amhara Professionals Union

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